8 Reasons Why You NEED A Business Breakthrough Consultation 

You need to develop a strategy so your homelife isn’t competing with your business time

You want to cut out the unnecessary stress from your work life

You need to get yourself & your life sorted out properly

You want to be more successful at work

You’ve tried doing it by yourself before


You want to be able to better manage your team

You want to begin or complete a big project

You are overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done


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I Got More Done In 3 Hours Than In The Last Week.

“Today I had my first 1:1 with Mairéad – wanted to sort out my work/life balance and get someone else’s insight on how I can work much better. Our session went extremely well and was amazingly benefitial to me. We worked out some goals and Mairéad kindly pointed out easier and more productive ways for me to work.”


Would you like to develop your leadership skills & learn to deal with the major challenges in business?

 Do you need clarity on how to manage the competitive demands of business & homelife, or simply want to up your game & increase performance?

Then you need a Business Breakthrough Consultation

* It works faster than weekly coaching

* You make the transition quicker

* Your get the results you want much quicker


Mairéad from Encouraging Excellence helps business people make that transition where progress is measured & results can be seen.



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