Post Natal Depression

I Can Help You To Get Over Post-Natal Depression & Enjoy Being A Mum Again

Post-natal depressions (PND) occurs in about 15% of all mothers & can develop at any time during the first year after your baby is born. In Ireland there was an average of 75,000 babies born each year for the last 3 years, that is 11,250 mothers each year with PND – you are NOT alone!!!

  • 59% of women with PND who receive therapy treatment full recover quickly.
  • This therapy improved the mother’s perceptions & interactions with their infants.
  • Dispense with the need to take any medication at all (that you would need to keep taking even after you have fully recovered).
  • 88% of fully recovered PND mothers put their recovery down to talk therapy.

PND Breakthrough Consultation

Trained and certified by the founder of Time Line Therapy™ & NLP Coaching, Dr Tad James, Mairéad from Encouraging Excellence, (who previously suffered from PND, herself) has both the skills & experience to help you make the positive changes in your life in a safe and comfortable environment.

“Mairéad was recommended to me by a friend who recognised my PND symptoms. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t expect to start feeling better so soon, which I did. I had three sessions with Mairéad & by then I felt able to enjoy my life & look forward to being a good mother to my beautiful son. I feel like I’ve got my life back again.”

~ Annie Molloy

It is normal with a new baby to feel tired & sometimes overwhelmed with all the new responsibilities. Parenting is a LEARNED skill, it’s not something we simply step into & become experts at once when our baby is born. Allow time for that adjustment to occur.

If however the list below applies to you, then seek help, don’t suffer in silence or alone when it really isn’t necessary. I know I’ve been there too, so I know what you are going through.

Things have been getting on top of me
I feel scared/panicky for no good reason
I blame myself when things go wrong
I’m so unhappy I’ve been crying
Thoughts of harming myself occur to me
I’m so tired, yet I can’t sleep
Don’t Delay – Get Help Today!!!