Unknot The Stresses Of Your Life In Just 10 Hours

Stress is the root cause of anxiety and depression, as indicated by the fact that suffering from one makes it far more likely that you will suffer from the other.  


  • Learn how to get into a mental state completely free & clear of all stress-related triggers.
  • Learn how to completely transform your relationship with stress so that it is something that energises you instead of drains & deflates you.
  • Only take action, now, if you are a person who wants to take full responsibility for what happens in their life & no longer wants be a victim
  • Take up this offer & have a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE in 10 hours or less.

Stress Breakthrough Consultation


“Mairéad was amazing! She was quickly & easily able to identify my limiting decisions & beliefs & remove them. We didn’t sit & discuss them endlessly or try to figure out why I held these beliefs; she simply eliminated the decisions & the beliefs that were holding me back. I literally saw my “wall of sabotage” crumble before me.”

– Venice Ferguson

A Stress Breakthrough Consultation is like a massage in verbal form, it works the knots out of your thoughts, detoxes them & increases the positive brain functions.