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I Got More Done In 3 Hours Than Than In The Last Week.

“Today I had my first 1:1 with Mairéad – wanted to sort out my work/life balance and get someone else’s insight on how I can work much better.  Our session went extremely well and was amazingly benefitial to me.  We worked out some goals and Mairéad kindly pointed out easier and more productive ways for me to work. 

Today I only have 3 hours of quality work time and after our meeting I got more done in those three hours than I did in the last week.  Mairéad made me focus on what I need to do and plan what I need to become more independant.

Mairéad was very logical (which I love) and asked all the right things to bring information out of me – which made me stop and think about why I was actually doing some of those things.

Thanks so much, have already set a date for my next 1:1 and cannot recommend Mairéad highly enough.  What one person can make you see within an hour is quite amazing and the value of that meeting will hopefully be reaping benefits very soon!!

Thanks again Mairéad!”

~ Deirdre Featherstone



I’ve Started My Business

“I went through the Breakthrough process with Mairéad & found that the sessions helped me to open my eyes to the possibilities about myself & my business.

The process helped me to recognise my limiting beliefs & other thoughts that were standing in my way of starting & creating my business.

I have now launched my business & I am focusing on growing it. Thanks for your help Mairéad.”

~ Noeleen Bontempi




“When I started my business, Smart Sewing I had lots of ideas. I was having a hard time getting focused on the things I needed to do. I struggled with this for a while & spent a lot of my time chasing my tail. I had the good fortune to meet Mairéad, who explained NLP to me. I have to admit I had not heard of NLP before.

I had 3 sessions lasting 2 & a half hours each. What these session did for me was: They helped me find my business values, change my focus, helped me to align my values. My earnings were very low, now since I have learned how to focus on the important parts of the business my earnings have increased, the business is running a lot smoother, I and my students are getting what we want from my courses.

NLP helped me learn to make myself accountable for all my business decisions & helped me deliver the best quality service I could give to my students. Mairéad is an excellent coach & I have no hesitation in recommending her as a coach for both business & personal consultations. I am planning to do a personal NLP course with Mairéad when the next course is available I am looking forward to that.”

~ Teresa Keogh



I Got My Life Back

“Mairéad was recommended to me by a friend who recognised my PND symptoms. I had been feeling so guilty & was crying a lot when I felt I should have been happy. I’d recently had a beautiful son, I have a supportive husband, a nice home, yet I felt scared & guilty at not being able to enjoy it all. I thought I was going mad & felt so alone & didn’t want to admit even to myself that everything wasn’t ok.

I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t expect to start feeling better so soon, which I did. I had three sessions with Mairéad & by then I felt able to enjoy my life & look forward to being a good mother to my beautiful son. I feel like I’ve got my life back again.”

~ Annie Molloy.


Mairéad helped me focus

“As my leaving cert exams approached I felt under pressure to set up a study plan, but didn’t seem able to decide which subject to start with. Mairéad used the Lifeboard from The Rickter Scale™ with me & after 1 hour I felt I could devise a workable study plan, for me. I calmed down enough to prepare for my exams. I don’t feel I would have been able to do this without Mairéad’s help.”

~ Emma


I Was Amazed By The Results

“I was amazed by the results of my 6 hour breakthrough session with Mairéad! I saw her because I’ve had issues with regard to being “successful” in my career. It seemed that I would be making great strides toward my goals & then I would somehow manage to sabotage all my efforts. I felt like there was a huge black wall in front of me, keeping me from being successful in both my career & my personal life. I felt as if I was missing a chromosome or something, as if everyone else in the world was wired for success but me.

Initially, I was sceptical about the process, I couldn’t see how just a few hours could possibly eliminate the unconscious limiting decisions & beliefs I had about myself, my role in life, &, most importantly, money. Mairéad was amazing! She was able to quickly & easily identify my limiting decisions & beliefs & remove them! We didn’t sit & discuss them endlessly or try to figure out why I held these beliefs, she simply eliminated the decisions & beliefs that were holding me back. I literally saw my “wall of sabotage” crumble before me!

As a result of my sessions with Mairéad, I have started my own business & I am moving confidently toward achieving my goals. I no longer fear mistakes, & I no longer berate myself for them. Instead, I find myself learning from them & easily transitioning into a problem-solving mode, instead of feeding frustration & quitting.

I am immensely grateful to Mairéad for her expertise as an NLP Master Practitioner & her stalwart belief in my ability to be successful in any area I choose.”

~ Venice Ferguson